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MAGNEXT: Magnetic Systematic Absences

Magnetic Systematic absences
MAGNEXT Option A provides the systematic absences or extinction rules for non-polarized neutron magnetic diffraction corresponding to any Shubnikov magnetic space group in standard setting (BNS or OG).

The systematic absences in non-standard settings can also be obtained introducing the new reciprocal space unit cell in the drop-down form included for this purpose at the output interface. MAGNEXT provides also the symmetry adapted form of the structure factor for any relevant diffraction vector type.

Alternatively, MAGNEXT can be used to obtain:
  • Option B: The systematic absences of a group given by a set of generators in any setting.
  • Option C: A list of magnetic space groups that are compatible with a set of systematic absences introduced by the user.
  • For incommensurate cases, the systematic absences for a superspace group defined by a set of generators in any setting

If you are using this program in the preparation of a paper, please cite it in the following form:

S. V. Gallego, E. S. Tasci, G. de la Flor, J. M. Perez-Mato & M. I. Aroyo
J. Appl. Cryst. (2012), 45(6), 1236-1247.

Examples and further information can be found in the following paper:

J.M. Perez-Mato, S.V. Gallego, E.S. Tasci, L. Elcoro, G. de la Flor, and M.I. Aroyo
Annu. Rev. Mater. Res. (2015), 45:13.1-13.32

which can also be used to cite this program.
    Option A: Systematic absences for a magnetic space group in standard settings
Magnetic Space Group number: Please, enter the label of group or

    Other interfaces for alternative uses MAGNEXT are:

  • Option B: For systematic absences for a magnetic space group in any setting, click here

  • Option C: For a list of magnetic space groups compatible with a given set of systematic absences, click here

  • For systematic absences for magnetic superspace groups click here
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