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Morphic Effects

Morphic Effects
The morphic effects are those that arise from the reduction of the symmetry of the system caused by the application of an external force. In our case the external force can be related with the application of an electric field or a magnetic field . Using the program one can calculate how are related the representation of the system with and without an exteral force.

One only have to choose the point group and select in the next interface the external force and the direction.

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Choose a point group from the next table:

C11 Ci-1 C22 Csm C2h2/m D2222 C2vmm2 D2hmmm
C44 S4-4 C4h4/m D4422 C4v4mm D2d-42m D4h4/mmm C33
C3i-3 D332 C3v3m D3d-3m C66 C3h-6 C6h6/m D6622
C6v6mm D3h-6m2 D6h6/mmm T23 Thm-3 O432 Td-43m Ohm-3m

If you do not know which is the point group of your space group, you can choose it in the following list.

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