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a computer program for determination of all of the supergroups of the same type
for a given group

The program

Input Information

The data that the program needs as input are: the supergroup, the subgroup and the index.

The procedure used to calculate all of the different supergroups uses the normalizers of both groups. The type of the normalizer you want to be used in the calculation have to be selected from the list. By default the Euclidean normalizers are used. If you want to use normalizer that is not Euclidean nor affine one, then you have to give the additional generators by yourself. To do that select 'user defined' as the type of the normalizer and before the calculation of the supergroups the program will ask you to give these additional generators.

The supergroup and the subgroup are specified by their numbers in the International Tables for Crystallography, vol.A. By now, for the space groups with more than one conventional setting only the default choice can be used.

If the supergroup is minimal than you can use the program MINSUP to obtain all of the minimal supergroups of a given space group, and select the one you are interested in. To to obtain all of the different supergroups of this type click on the button [ Supergroups ].

Starting from this data, the program obtains all of the transformation matrices that relate both groups with the specified index and calculates the different supergroups.

Output Information

The different supergroups of the same type are listed in a table which contains: Also, links to the additional generators for the normalizers of both groups are given.

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