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DCORREL: Correlations between irreducible representations in a (double) group-subgroup pair.

The program DCORREL gives the correlations between the physically irreducible representations of a (double) group-subgroup pair through subduction. As input, the numbers of the group and the subgroup must be introduced, together with the transformation matrix. If the transformation matrix is not known, it can be obtained using the program Subgroups

If your are using this propgram in the preparation of a paper, please cite it in the following form,

Elcoro, L.; Song, Z.; Bernevig, B.A. "Application of induction procedure and Smith decomposition in calculation and topological classification of electronic band structures in the 230 space groups" Phys. Rev. B (2020). 102,035110. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.102.035110
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