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Corepresentations of Projective (2D) Magnetic Point Groups

ProjectiveRep PG: Corepresentations of Projective Magnetic (2D) Point Groups

ProjectiveRep PG provides a set of irreducible co-representations of a given Projective Magnetic Point Group in 2 dimensions.

References: For more information about this program see the following article:

Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman, Zhi-Da Song, Luis Elcoro, B. Andrei Bernevig "Hofstadter Topology with Real Space Invariants and Reentrant Projective Symmetries" arxiv:2209.10559 (2022)

If you are using this program in the preparation of an article, please cite the above reference.

Choose a projective magnetic point group from the next table

1.01 2.011' 6.02 7.021' 7.π2π1' 8.02' 8.π2'π
9.0m 10.0m1' 11.0m' 20.02mm 20.π2πmm 21.02mm1' 21.π2πmm1'
22.02'mm' 22.π2'πmm' 23.02m'm' 29.04 30.041' 30.π/24π/21' 30.π4π1'
30.3π/243π/21' 31.04' 31.π/24'π/2 31.π4'π 31.3π/24'3π/2 44.04mm 44.π/24π/2mm
44.π4πmm 44.3π/243π/2mm 45.04mm1' 45.π/24π/2mm1' 45.π4πmm1' 45.3π/243π/2mm1' 46.04'm'm
46.π/24'π/2m'm 46.π4'πm'm 46.3π/24'3π/2m'm 47.04m'm' 60.03 61.031' 61.2π/332π/31'
61.4π/334π/31' 68.03m 68.2π/332π/3m 68.4π/334π/3m 69.03m1' 69.2π/332π/3m1' 69.4π/334π/3m1'
70.03m' 76.06 77.061' 77.π/36π/31' 77.2π/362π/31' 77.π6π1' 77.4π/364π/31'
77.5π/365π/31' 78.06' 78.π/36'π/3 78.2π/36'2π/3 78.π6'π 78.4π/36'4π/3 78.5π/36'5π/3
91.06mm 91.π/36π/3mm 91.2π/362π/3mm 91.π6πmm 91.4π/364π/3mm 91.5π/365π/3mm 92.06mm1'
92.π/36π/3mm1' 92.2π/362π/3mm1' 92.π6πmm1' 92.4π/364π/3mm1' 92.5π/365π/3mm1' 93.06'mm' 93.π/36'π/3mm'
93.2π/36'2π/3mm' 93.π6'πmm' 93.4π/36'4π/3mm' 93.5π/36'5π/3mm' 94.06m'm'

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