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Compatibility Relations Between Representations

Correlation Relations
The program calculates the compatibility relations between the little-group representations of space groups.
  • Input

  • The input includes the space group number and the data of two k-vectors. There are two different ways to introduce the k-vectors:

    1. One can select them from two k-vectors tables constructed by the information stored in KVEC.

    2. One can introduce the k-vectors coefficients in decimals or fractions, relative to the primitive or conventional basis.

  • Output

  • After the summary of the data introduced by the user, a table with the compatibility relations of the selected k-vectors is shown.
Reference. For more information about this program see the following article:
  • Elcoro et al. "Double crystallographic groups and their representations on the Bilbao Crystallographic Server" Submitted. arXiv:1706.09272
  • If you are using this program in the preparation of an article, please cite the above reference.
    Please, enter the sequential number of group as given in International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A or choose it

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